Tuesday, 31 July 2012

9 July 2012 - Namibia

Today is our last on the farm. We had to prepare the meat from the kudu that was hunted down yesterday. I envisaged that this would take the whole day. It was my first time ever working meat and I looked forward to it.

The workers already cleaned up the kudu the previous night and all the blood ran out. Oom Piet showed us how to cut the carcass into smaller pieces so that it is more manageable. Its quite a process and requires some considerable power, as well as a sharp knife, which Oom Piet provided.

We placed it in the cooler so that we could go for Tannie Magda's brunch. What a treat! Brunch, lunch and dinner always takes longer here than anywhere as we sit down and chat like time stands still. At some stages it does...

We continued afterwards and Oom Piet showed me how he cuts all the relevant pieces of meat: Rump, fillet, silver-side, etc. It was my first time seeing all the different cuts. They make a lot of sense since its quite natural to cut it along the different folds in the leg. After a while I started cutting up the meat that was going to be used in the dry wors. It had to be in 50x50mm pieces. I also cut the fat (about 10kg) into smaller blocks. It seemed like the whole day and I chopped a part of my finger. No complaining as it was a great day!
After a while we spiced the wors and minced it. With the equipment Oom Piet owns it didn't take long and we could start with the stuffing of the wors. Tannie Magde came to help us with that, she is quite the expert! Its seemed like all day, but in reality it only took about 2 hours. Oom Piet also braaied a piece for us in the donkey. Great wors, although a bit salty. I reckon it's going to be super dry wors. The wors kept on breaking, but we pushed through and then took a break to: Go horse riding!
Melindri asked Oom Piet if she could go on a ride with one of his horses. Gentleman that he is he couldn't say no. At about 4pm he caught one of the horses after a long struggle. Melindri was VERY excited, but also afraid after she saw what the horse got up to in order to catch it. Her ride was very smooth. I also jumped on the horse but had a less perfect ride. Although it was fun!
Afterwards we finished the wors and prepared for the evenings fodd: A braai again! Oom Piet took ribs out of the freezer and spiced it perfectly. Perfect dinner for a perfect day.
Again the dinner table would be more like a church service than a supper. We all gave testimony of our experience of Oom Piet and Tannie Magda. Here what I had to say:
Tomorrow: Etosha

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