Sunday, 15 July 2012

4 July 2012 - Namibia

Today we left for our midyear holiday to Namibia. Its the first time in several years that we are able to go away during this period due to work commitments. Looking forward to a fun time!

We decided to take it step-by-step as I am not sure how far I would be able to go in the car after the operation I had. Today we drove about halfway to Windhoek, from Pretoria to Kang in Botswana, 684km. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time for sightseeing, but we saw a large portion of the landscape.

We are staying over at the Kang Excel filling station. They have budget accommodation for tourists that is ideal for a stopover only. We had a lovely supper in their restaurant: I had a burger and Rolandi, my wife, had stir fry. A lovely cooked meal after a long day.

On our way there we saw a number of animals, including baboons, cattle and a variety of birds. I will post the list with tomorrows sitings.

At the border we had no complications. I had all my papers ready, so it didn't take long. The Botswana side had a long cue trying to apply for road permits. We had to exchange Rands for Pulas to pay the P110 to enable us to drive on their roads. You pay a bit of a premium for the luxury of exchanging there...

A long, slow drive, but quite exciting!

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